Urban FRESH Farming

Gran-Ha™ is a botanical garden and hydroponic farm in Cozumel, Mexico. We provide the freshest herbs, fruits and vegetables harvested just minutes before delivery to bars, restaurants and hotels on the island.

Natural Care Products

We also sell hand-crafted natural care and food products made with only the finest ingredients sourced through our own farm and other local organic producers who share our ethics and commitment to sustainable agriculture.


About Gran-Ha™

Who or What is Gran-Ha™?

Gran-Ha™ is a luxury brand of health and beauty products sourced from our organic farm in Cozumel, Mexico and other hand-picked local partners who meet our highest technical standards and adhere to our vision of sustainable and organic agriculture.

By combining modern, sustainable and responsible techniques of farming infused with cultural Maya agriculture and apothecary methods we’ve developed the Gran-Ha line of natural care products that are based upon thousands of years of tradition, then improved upon through meticulous development and ethical animal-free testing.

Gran-Ha™ Modern Mayan Botanics and Natural Care Products – The finest food and luxury natural care products made from organic ingredients and sustainable, clean hydroponic farming in which we use no chemical pesticides or unnatural sprays in Cozumel, Mexico.

Who wants to apply a natural beauty product to their face, body or hair that is loaded with pesticides and unnatural growth chemicals?

The Gran-Ha™ luxury brand of health and beauty products will be available at our shop located in the Cozumel Botanical Garden and Food Forest as well as at select fine retail outlets in Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and Cancún, Mexico.


Getting to Know the Different Regions of Traditional Mexican Food

If you’re looking for bold tastes and delicious cuisines, look no further than Mexico! Mexico hosts multiple regions with distinct flavors that can offer even the most seasoned international eater something new and exciting. Native Mexican cuisine can include such staples as tomatoes, avocados, cocoa, squash, vanilla, edible flowers, and tropical fruits. Corn is a …

Can I Visit the GranHa Urban Farm and Cozumel Botanical Garden?

Do you offer tours of the Gran-Ha farm and production areas? Yes! We are located in the Cozumel Botanical Garden which is being prepared for easy and comfortable access for most  visitors. When opened we will be offering tours and hands-on workshops to meet your level of interest and activity; feel free to stroll Cozumel Gardens …

Granja is the Spanish Word for Farm, Not Granha… Right?

Where does the word “Gran-Ha” come from? The name Gran-Ha™ is a playful derivation of Spanish and Mayan words that, when used together, perfectly communicate our company’s roots (pun intended). First, the Spanish word “granja,” (pronounced: grahn-ha) means “farm” or “homestead” in English. Gran-Ha™ natural care, wellness and beauty products are created using all natural ingredients …


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