About Gran-Ha™

Who or What is Gran-Ha™?

Gran-Ha™ is a luxury brand of health and beauty products sourced from our organic farm in Cozumel, Mexico and other hand-picked local partners who meet our highest technical standards and adhere to our vision of sustainable and organic agriculture.

By combining modern, sustainable and responsible techniques of farming infused with cultural Maya agriculture and apothecary methods we’ve developed the Gran-Ha line of natural care products that are based upon thousands of years of tradition, then improved upon through meticulous development and ethical animal-free testing.

Gran-Ha™ Modern Mayan Botanics and Natural Care Products – The finest food and luxury natural care products made from organic ingredients and sustainable, clean hydroponic farming in which we use no chemical pesticides or unnatural sprays in Cozumel, Mexico.

Who wants to apply a natural beauty product to their face, body or hair that is loaded with pesticides and unnatural growth chemicals?

The Gran-Ha™ luxury brand of health and beauty products will be available at our shop located in the Cozumel Botanical Garden and Food Forest as well as at select fine retail outlets in Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and Cancún, Mexico.