Can I Visit the GranHa Urban Farm and Cozumel Botanical Garden?

Do you offer tours of the Gran-Ha farm and production areas?

Yes! We are located in the Cozumel Botanical Garden which is being prepared for easy and comfortable access for most  visitors.

When opened we will be offering tours and hands-on workshops to meet your level of interest and activity; feel free to stroll Cozumel Gardens and just enjoy the ambiance or sign in and roll your sleeves up with us and make your very own health and beauty products from the absolute freshest organic ingredients available.

Depending upon what we have in seasonal abundance, we can teach you how to make organic soaps and shampoos, facial scrubs and masks, fragrances, natural skin cleansers and after-sun treatments, detoxifying juices and herbal teas, and much, much more.

Don’t worry, there’s something for the men, too. Our Vigiplante™ line of hot sauces, salsas, BBQ sauces and maybe even pepper spray. Who knows what they have cooking over there but we’re sure that the beauty and the beast will enjoy their time here and leave with something amazing!

If all of the food we’re growing makes you hungry, Cozumel Gardens also plans to offer a true “farm to table” dining experience, where guests can pick various seasonal ingredients from the garden with help from our staff and personalize their Mexican and locally inspired seasonal dishes prepared by our expert chef. There is nothing more delicious than eating food that you’ve picked perfectly fresh and only a minute’s walk away from the plant from which it came!

Gran-Ha™ and the botanical garden will be ready to receive guests in the Spring of 2018.

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