Granja is the Spanish Word for Farm, Not Granha… Right?

Where does the word “Gran-Ha” come from?

The name Gran-Ha™ is a playful derivation of Spanish and Mayan words that, when used together, perfectly communicate our company’s roots (pun intended).

First, the Spanish word “granja,” (pronounced: grahn-ha) means “farm” or “homestead” in English. Gran-Ha™ natural care, wellness and beauty products are created using all natural ingredients we grow or produce on our organic and hydroponic farms in Cozumel, Mexico, which was once a very important agricultural center for the Maya people in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Secondly, “gran” is Spanish for “great or grand” and “Ha” is the Mayan language word for “water,” thus “Great Water.” The Gran-Ha farm was originally conceived as a commercial-scale producer of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish and bee products using primarily aquaponic and hydroponic methods of growing, which both feature soilless growing medium and rely on water to deliver nutrients directly to our plants.

We think that the “Great Water Farm” in the heart of the Mayan Riviera of Mexico is perfect and we hope you do, too!

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